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     Forefront Psi is a new and innovative concept in private practice that merges efficient technologies with the most reliable evidence-based strategies in the treatment of a wide variety of mental health conditions. Clients of Forefront Psi receive individualized treatment that is focused on them as a "whole person" with a unique set of needs and goals that guide their lives.

     Our modern, research-based, approach to healthcare is one that strives to close gaps that are common in traditional care settings by using technology and automation to give our clients the freedom of self-service that is our future. Over the years, all of our providers have been carefully vetted and selected from the best people available, giving our clients overall treatment outcomes that are much better than average. Forefront Psi strives toward being forward-thinking, delivering the best of the best in mental health care, and being a model employer.

What We Offer

  • A personalized approach to treatment that believes treatment is not "one size fits all"

  • Providers licensed in multiple states

  • 100% client self-scheduling

  • Quicker appointment times

  • Easy access to our staff for questions between appointments

  • Treatment updates that are sent to other providers as requested and authorized by our clients

  • A very user-friendly client portal

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