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Medication Management

(Initial Evaluation: 45 minutes; Follow-Ups: 15 minutes)

     Medications are necessary for many clients to help relieve symptoms of psychiatric conditions. Your medication options and any necessary medication education will be discussed with you after your initial evaluation and during follow-up medication management appointments. Keep in mind that each medication works differently for every person and that changes may be required to find the right medication for you. Our goal is to help you reduce the number of required visits to make your care more efficient and cost-effective, saving you time and money. Be sure to tell your provider and pharmacist information about any allergies and other medical conditions you have prior to taking any prescribed medications. Follow-up appointments will be required at different frequencies based on your need for adjustments and evaluations.

     During the initial evaluation, your provider will complete a psychiatric evaluation, determine your psychiatric diagnosis(es) (if present), and prescribe medication as appropriate. Follow-up sessions will allow your provider to determine the effectiveness of your treatment and make changes accordingly. At the end of each follow-up, your provider will tell you when your next follow-up is due and create a new plan of care based on any changes that were made.


Medication Management with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) "Boot Camp"

​(Initial Evaluation: 45 minutes; Follow-Ups: 30 minutes)


     Evidence supports combining medications with psychotherapy to improve overall outcomes. If you and your medication management/psychiatry provider agree, you may select this option for your follow-up sessions. Normally, CBT is effective within 6 to 15 sessions, so clients are welcome to switch back and forth between regular medication management appointments and medication management with CBT appointments. During this type of session, your medication management follow-up will be completed first. Then, you will engage with your provider in CBT for 15 minutes at the end of your session. If your need for psychotherapy becomes more intensive than can be completed in this appointment type, you may be asked to transfer your therapy services to either our psychotherapist or another psychotherapist, depending on your individual needs and preferences.



(Initial Evaluation: 55 minutes; Follow-Ups: 55 minutes)


     Evidence supports combining medications with psychotherapy to improve overall outcomes. Forefront Psi offers a psychotherapist on staff to serve our clients whose focus is on individual, family, and EMDR/Trauma therapy. All clients are welcome to schedule with our therapist. We just ask that you schedule ahead of time to make sure you get the times and dates you prefer for your sessions. If our therapist is full or you have a preference for a therapist we do not offer, we are happy to help you find a new therapist! Just let our support team know and they will always be happy to help you.

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